FigariTech Conquers Australia – Figari Group continues strategic APAC Expansion

FigariTech, the technology division of the Figari Group of companies, is expanding into Australia as we continue to see tremendous demand in the region. Figari Group, headquartered in Singapore, is setting forth a decade of experience building and providing business environments for companies of all sizes in the rapidly evolving market. FigariTech has worked with global enterprises such as Deloitte, Alcatel-Lucent, QBE Insurance, BHP, Honeywell, and Nokia, as well as small and medium clients based in Australia, the Philippines and across the region.

For any business to be successful, Technology and connectivity are essential. Innovative and reliable technology management is a competitive catalyst. Chief Technology Officer Jouni Leskinen, who leads FigariTech, expounds on this, “More often than not, Technology is managed in-house or outsourced to several suppliers. But what growing businesses fail to realise is that it is more costly this way. The technology process should be focused and simplified, to return value to the organisation. This can only be done when you partner with the experts – this is where FigariTech comes in.”


Leskinen is proud to say that one of the many things that sets FigariTech apart from the competition is our unique framework with technology servicing and support services. FigariTech empowers decision-makers by turning an otherwise variable Technology or IT cost and quality of service into a fixed cost with the highest quality standards. FigariTech revolutionises business growth potential, allowing Technology service and support to be a part of planning and projections. This passionate approach with FigariTech offers experience and expertise in one package. FigariTech will provide you with world-class IT support for both your initial needs and as your business grows – a competitive advantage that is often overlooked.

FigariTech provides enterprise services on demand. In contrast to other companies, FigariTech leverages your in-house and remote IT support needs through a Service Desk. This empowers organisations with monthly monitoring, analysis and reporting that is used for continuous improvement and full transparency. This Technology solution suite is complete with Infrastructure Setup and Management, Equipment Leasing and options for full 24/7 support. Services further include Device Management, Backup and Disaster Recovery, IT Consultancy, Uptime Management and Staff Outsourcing.

According to Mariska Folley, Managing Director of Inspired Workspaces, “Working with Figari has been amazing. Jouni and his team have gone above and beyond. He has taken control and managed, not just our internal IT team, but also our current providers. It has provided us with a central point of contact for all things IT.” Nick Davis, Area Director of @Workspaces remarked, “We were very impressed with the level of organisation, attention to detail and precise packaging of options that were provided to us by Figari. Already the customer support, communication and level of professionalism are far superior to what we have encountered with any of our previous experiences.”

Figari Solutions Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Chris Butt stated, “Expanding in APAC has been exciting. We are proud to bring our world-class services to Australia with 10 new programs over the past 12 months. We see so much potential for businesses of all sizes in Australia. We look forward to aiding our customers in streamlining their business processes seamlessly with FigariTech. Along with our Chairman, Darcy Lalonde, we are fully committed to backing this expansion as we see the market wants what we have to offer.”

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