FigariTech: The Full-Scale Technology Provider

Making the necessary changes to your business in order to be operational and stay ahead of the competition, is a day-to-day concern. Add to that the technology required for seamless daily operations, and it can be challenging to keep up with the rapidly changing and growing complexity of the technology landscape.

FigariTech, the Technology services arm of Figari, is the single supplier for all your Technology needs.

Scale Up with Fixed Cost Technology

FigariTech is the leading provider of technology outsourcing services. They have a team of experts who have worked with multinational companies across APAC.

FigariTech understands that a business is only as good, strong, and successful in its outcome when it has an excellent facilities plan, particularly when it comes to technology.

Their extensive experience makes them the perfect company to help you grow your business. They empower decision-makers by transforming Technology into a fixed cost, making it less of a variable for forecasting business growth.

Our Tailored Technology Management Services

FigariTech is a reliable IT services provider that has worked with enterprises across different industries in Manila, Australia, Singapore, and others in the APAC region. They provide a wide range of services to help you run your business smoothly and effectively.

Complete Infrastructure Setup and Management – Their team of experts can set up and maintain the networks needed for high-capacity performance, including systems monitoring and backup recovery so that they are always ready in case something goes wrong.

Virtual Receptionist – technology is NOT ALL about bots. FigariTech’s virtual receptionist is manned by real people so you don’t lose your business’ human touch. Instead of hiring receptionists to handle administrative tasks, FigariTech will provide you with shared resources trained to respond as if part of your own team. Just like any receptionist, calls will be forwarded to the proper number and messages will be noted and forwarded to the right people.

Service Desk – IT infrastructure is more than just getting top-notch equipment and building up a solid network. You require 24/7 monitoring and help.

FigariTech will provide on-site and remote IT support. Their Global Service Desk can address all your concerns round the clock ensuring you work seamlessly whenever you need it.

IT Equipment Leasing- They have you covered from desktop computers and laptops to large data centers! FigariTech also helps clients manage costs with an OPEX approach to enjoy their business without any worries. It comes with 24/7 support for leased devices to give you peace of mind.

Device Management – Increase the longevity of your devices. You can protect any company- and employee-owned devices connected to your network with the help of FigariTech.

Backup and Disaster Recovery – Cyber attacks are a significant threat, and no matter what size company you are, you are always vulnerable to them. This could cause data breaches, loss of money, operations put on hold, network failure, and even closure.

FigariTech provides secure data backup and data security to reduce your exposure and risk. With expert backup and assistance, they help you build and implement data loss prevention and hardware sparing strategy.

IT Consultancy – Setting up a reliable, secure, and strong IT infrastructure can be stressful, primarily when your firm is focused on critical tasks. There is no need to break from those essential duties to gain IT-related skills – outsource and be assured of skilled assistance.

FigariTech’s professionals can teach you the best infrastructure design and project implementation methodologies.

Uptime – Let FigariTech help you with your particular technology needs. Properly set and monitored infrastructure by FigariTech will provide you peace of mind. This way you can focus on your business and other matters that need your urgent attention.

Staff Outsourcing – Employ the right individuals without worrying about hiring and overhead expenditures. Hire and manage the best individuals for the task, working remotely for you in our Figari service delivery center with the proper equipment and reliable connectivity. We will also handle HR and payroll.

Why Working With FigariTech is Effective and Efficient

Using an outsourced IT infrastructure means sharing the risk with a partner better suited to manage it. Technology-managed services are superior at risk avoidance and management due to their extensive security and compliance understanding. While this can be done in-house, it will take more of your company’s resources to do it right.

FigariTech is a professional and global organization that provides the range of technology services your company needs. That means you get IT support from those qualified and experienced to handle a wide range of solutions, no matter how much your business grows.

They have the qualifications and experience rolled into one, so you can focus on other matters.

Outsourcing relieves you of a load of complex IT callouts, allowing you to focus on your main business decisions, but it also ensures a smooth work process.

Unreliable networks that might cause business disruptions are avoided by having a stable IT infrastructure that experts manage. You’ll be able to serve your consumers more swiftly and efficiently this way.

Are you tired of worrying about your company’s technology needs? FigariTech is your solution. We can help you tap into a single resource for all things related to technology.

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FigariTech aims to let their worldwide clients, SMBs, and start-ups focus on their core business. At the same time, they manage their facilities, support services, and IT needs, so they can focus on growing revenues or expanding into new markets!

You deserve to have the best care of your business because nothing should stand between business success and reliable technology! Contact FigariTech today for a FREE consultation with the CTO! Send your inquiries here: [email protected].