We are currently living in a digital world and any business that doesn’t adapt will be left behind.

While adaptation cannot be done overnight and is admittedly not an easy process, it can be made simpler by outsourcing a single supplier for all Technology services. Here are more benefits to getting onboard one supplier for your IT services and IT infrastructure:

All the successes of a solid IT infrastructure at a controlled cost.

Having a solid infrastructure provides a lot of benefits, such as 100% uptime and always-on availability – crucial for business continuity and scaling. However, the financial implications are often mistakenly projected due to many variables. This is where FigariTech differs. FigariTech empowers you to classify Technology as fixed cost – making it easy to forecast and account for when planning for business growth.

Qualification and experience rolled into one.

While you know your specific Technology needs as you start your business, these will evolve as you scale. Hiring your in-house IT team means they are qualified for those initial needs but their experience is isolated as well. Outsourced Technology services mean you get IT support from those qualified and experienced to handle a wide range of solutions, no matter how much your business grows.

Competitive advantage, regardless of company size.

An in-house IT team can only be as huge as your company size. This can put you at a disadvantage, especially if you’re leveling with companies that are not to your scale. If you’re a small- to-mid-range company, outsourcing helps you gain similar access to technology and expertise that large companies enjoy at a cost that does not break the bank.

Distributed risk, managed through increased efficiency.

Having an outsourced IT infrastructure means you distribute the risk with a partner who is better equipped to manage and handle these risks. With a wide-range of security and compliance knowledge, IT managed services are generally better at mapping out risk avoidance and management. While this can also be achieved in-house, it will be longer and more expensive as you spend for your own research and implementation.

Speed to market.

Not only does outsourcing take away the burden of complex IT callouts so you can focus on your core business decisions, it also allows you a seamless work process. A robust IT infrastructure that’s managed by experts prevents unreliable networks that can cause business disruptions. This way, you are able to service your customers quickly and more efficiently.

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