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Complete Infrastructure Setup and Management | Figari Tech

Complete IT Infrastructure Setup and Management

Even with the best equipment, your company can only function at high-capacity if connected to strong wired and wireless networks. No need to shift focus from your core business to set up (and manage) your IT infrastructure.

FigariTech offers complete infrastructure setup and management, which also includes (but is not limited to) systems monitoring and backup recovery services to ensure that your networks perform at the highest levels and has 24/7 availability.


* FREE Unlimited 24/7 Remote Support


Virtual Receptionist

Technology is NOT ALL about bots. FigariTech’s virtual receptionist is manned by real people so you don’t lose your business’ human touch. Instead of hiring receptionists to handle administrative tasks, FigariTech will provide you with shared resources trained to respond as if part of your own team. Just like any receptionist, calls will be forwarded to the proper number and messages will be noted and forwarded to the right people.

Figari Tech - Virtual Receptionist
Service Desk | Figari Tech

Service Desk

Managing to acquire top notch equipment and setting up a robust network is not the endgame of your IT infrastructure. You need someone to monitor everything round-the-clock and provide quick support when needed.

FigariTech can accommodate your in-house and offsite IT support needs fast reducing downtime, and we empower decision-makers with monthly reports. 

Backup-and-Disaster-Recovery | Figari Tech

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Aside from the bigger threat of cyber attacks, unexpected issues as network failure and power losses threaten to disrupt your daily operations. Fear not. FigariTech performs continuous data protection and secure backup service.

We help you develop and implement an efficient data loss prevention plan and hardware sparing strategy, complete with access to experts that support your redundancy and backups.

Device-Management | Figari Tech

Device Management

Make your device investment last longer. FigariTech helps you protect all company- and employee-owned devices connected on your network.

IT Equipment Leasing

Regardless of your nature of business and company size, one of the things you need to get started is by acquiring all types of equipment needed to operate. Choosing the right – and first-class – equipment is never easy. And it can also be very expensive.

FigariTech can help.

We lease out all types of first-class network equipment, including desktop PC sets, laptops, and other IT equipment. We even provide more flexibility and help you manage costs by using the OPEX approach. On top of that, we provide 24/7 support for leased equipment to ensure business continuity. 

IT-Equipment_Leasing | Figari Tech
IT Consultancy | Figari Tech

IT Consultancy

Getting started with establishing an uninterrupted, secure, and robust IT infrastructure can be overwhelming, especially when you’re focused on your core business functions. No need to deviate from those core functions to learn the ropes of anything Technology-related – outsource and be assured that you have a group of experts helping you.

FigariTech lets you learn the best infrastructure design as well as project implementation strategies from our pool of experts.

Uptime | Figari Tech


FigariTech is always on its toes. Your infrastructure is monitored 24/7 to address any issues immediately not tomorrow. Let FigariTech help with your custom Technology needs and we will implement a 24/7 automated infrastructure monitoring system for proactive mitigation of any issues, allowing for quick resolution of incidents related to your IT infrastructure.

Staff-Outsourcing | Figari Tech

Staff Outsourcing

Get onboard the right people without having to worry about the hiring process and about bloating your overhead costs. FigariTech’s staff outsourcing takes care of hiring and managing the best people for the job, letting them work remotely for you in our in-house office with our own equipment and connectivity. We will also take care of everything from HR to payroll.


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